Wednesday, 19 February 2014

SCAC-50012 error : oracle.jrf.UnknownPlatformException: JRF is unable to determine the current application server platform

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This error is generally because of some issue with java embedding activity used in the BPEL.
If you are using java embedding code in your BPEL then this error occurs very frequently.
Bpel does not have compiler to check java code so for a simple one character error it will throw this exception

This exception is caused when the java code you have in the java embedding activity and that code contains compilation errors.
Since the java editor for writing the code does not contain any code validation, it becomes really difficult to figure out what’s wrong in the code and you get the exception at compile time.


You need to fix the compilation error in your java code to get rid of this error.

For this follow the below steps:

1. Select the java embedding activity in the bpel design view and click on the source view.
2. Copy the java code between CDATA opening and closing bracket.
3. Create a dummy class in some java editor (eclipse/JDeveloper) and paste your code in that class.
4. Remove all the java compilation error.
5. Copy the error fixed code back into to the CDATA brackets [ ] (only the code snipped without java imports.
6. In case your code is importing some packages, make sure that those packeges are in your project class path. You can do that putting respective jar files in <project_location>\sca-inf\lib directory.
7. Along with the jar files, you need to add java package import in the bpel source code. For that use below syntax and add it just before your <bpelx:exec tag> . Make sure you add the entire jar required by you code.

I suggest the below points also.

1.Go to Bpel code.Delete all items from SCA-INF folder
2.For Instance in Java Embedding in BPEL, usage of bpelx:getVariableData(..) will cause this.

Correct Usage is bpws:getVariableData(..)

Rebuild the project and it should work now.

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  1. Iam running into the same situation, i am writing the test case to generate the soa artifact, while generating the composite getting this error. no java code in bpel file and bpel uses bpws:getVariableData(), any idea what else could have gone wrong