Monday, 19 March 2012

Difference between ASYNC , SYNC & One way BPEL

The difference between the Synchronous and Asynchronous process remains in the .bpel , .wsdl and composite.xml files only.
If we open the .bpel and .wsdl file of both the processes we do not find much difference in the two therefore it's very easy to convert an asynchronous process to synchronous one and vice-versa.


SYNC: In service part  only interface.wsdl & will be there
ASYNC: in service part interface.wsdl & and one more callback is there .
One Way:  In service part  only interface.wsdl & will be there(Same as Sync)

SYNC: In Partner Link name, partnerLinkType, MyRole will be  there .
ASYNC: In partner Link name ,partnerLinkType,MyRole,Partner Role also will be there.
One WayIn Partner Link name, partnerLinkType, MyRole will be  there .(Same as Sync) 

.WSDL File
SYNC: In portType  Input & Output both are there , in partnerLinkType only one role is there i.e Provider Role.
ASYNC: In portType only Input will there,in PartnerLinkType two roles will be there  ProviderRole n Requester Role.
One Way: In portType  Input & Output both are there , in partnerLinkType only one role is there i.e Requester Role no provider.

Also change the activity in the BPEL from Reply to Invoke at the end.

Converting Sync to Async

As mentioned above  the difference between the Synchronous and Asynchronous process remains in the .bpel and .wsdl files only.

If it is a Sync process it will be having only Myrole because only provider will be there but in Async partner role will be there along with Myrole bcz it will be having provider n requester as well.

.bpel changes

1.Add ParnerRole
2.In Receive change the operation name
3.In Reply change the reply name to call Back,port type call back,operation

Change the name attribute value from replyOutput to callbackClient.
Change the value of attribute portType from client:SyncProcess to client:SyncProcessCallback (or simply [processName]Callback ).
Change operation=”process” to operation=”onResult”.
Change the name of last attribute i.e. variable to inputvariable.

.wsdl chnages

1.port types 2 should be there

<portType name="SyncProcess">
<operation name="initiate">
<input message="client:SyncProcessRequestMessage" />

<portType name="SyncProcessCallback">
<operation name="onResult">
<input message="client:SyncProcessResponseMessage"/>


<plnk:partnerLinkType name="SyncProcess">
  <plnk:role name="SyncProcessProvider">
   <plnk:portType name="client:SyncProcess"/>
  <plnk:role name="SyncProcessRequester">
   <plnk:portType name="client:SyncProcessCallback"/>

composite.xml changes

Add one more call back as

      < port=""/>

In Brief:-

In .Bpel

1.Add partner role
2.Receive changes
3.Reply changes

.wsdl file

1.porttypes change
2.partnerlink type changes

Composite.xml changes

1.add one extra thats it.

WOW.Done. Your Bpel Process is now Async...

Async to Sync conversion  you can do it now :-)

Thanks for reading....


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  2. very good post,try this creating Sync & ASync BPEL process in a composite and compare can understand 100%.

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