Wednesday, 19 February 2014

UMS- Configuring Enterprise Email Account on Oracle Enterprise Manager

Hi Guys . Today we will discuss how to deploy a new enterprise email driver and configuration.

1.Go to Oracle\MiddlewareHome\SOA_Domain\communications\plans  folder . It could be different from ENv to ENV.
Please search  for the communications folder.

2.Copy “usermessagingdriver-email_Plan.xml “ file and paste is in same folder.

3. Rename the plan file as usermessagingdriver-email_Plan_00ORACLE.xml
4. Edit the plan file with the following values.
1. Replace @DriverDeploymentName@ with sdpmessagingdriver-email-00EXAMPLLE “(ensure you replace all instances of the name- 2 places as shown below).


       2. Replace @DriverShortName@  with  sdpmessagingdriver-email-00EXAMPLE.

 3. Replace the @RunAsPrincipalName@ token with OracleSystemUser .
4. Logon to WebLogic SOA Concole  http://host:port/em
5. Follow the steps in the below screenshots

 6.Select the sdpmessagingdriver-email.ear  and Modified Plan file as shown below.
àArchive will be in communications/applications folder
àPlan file will be in communications/plans folder.

7. Click Next. Select the SOA Managed server or Admin server  can be both.

 8. Click next

9. Enter an application name in the Application Attributes page as  sdpmessagingdriver-email-00EXAMPLE ,  which is provided in the deployment plan.

10. Click on Deploy.

à Deployment completed.  

 11. Now you go to the below location.


12. Click on that to see the below screen

 13.Click on the Email Driver Properties as shown below.

All changes made in this page require a server restart to take effect. (You can plan this after completion of this configuration)
This Notification will be shown in the Weblogic console after changing the properties in email driver.

14. Now go to the Email driver page , which you deployed now(sdpmessagingdriver-email-00EXAMPLE)

 15. Go to Email diver properties

16. Click on the drill down button of Related Links and Click on Workflow Notification Properties Page

17. Click on More Workflow Notification Configuration Properties... in below screen shot. 

18. Click on Operations in below screen.

19. Click on setASNSDriver

20. Enter the values as below
           PropertyName  :-  EmailFromAddress
           PropertyValue :-
           driverName:- 00EXAMPLE
21. Click on Invoke

Done Email Drover configuration is completed.

Happy Learning....!!!!!  Fun Sharing....!!!!!!!!!!!

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