Thursday, 7 November 2013

How to start BAM server in Weblogic 11 g

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Today we will learn how to start BAM server in Weblogic 11g.

When you login into http://localhost:port/em you can see the following screen.

After you start the Admin server from $Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/soadomain/startWebLogic.cmd (or) -based on your OS running on your machine.

The above screenshot shows you that the BAM server is down .
You can start the BAM server in 2 ways.

Way 1:- If your node manager is up n running then you can start BAM server like below screenshot.

If your node manager is not up n running then you can go for way 2 .

Way 2:-
1.Open CMD.
2.go to C:\Oracle_Home\\user_projects\domains\soa_domain\bin\startManagedWebLogic bam_server1
(This location may vary as per you installation way-Check the location in your machine)
3.Enter Username to boot WebLogic server
4.Enter Password to boot WebLogic server
After this you BAM server starts up.

Instead of entering the username and password every time you can create under security folder.
The path would be

If the file or folder doesn't exist you need to create them manually.
The content of the file is here.

When you starts the server next time it will take the credentials from file then starts.

This procedure will be applicable to all Managed servers and all servers .

Happy Learning Folks.....

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