Friday, 27 September 2013

Creating a sample Data Source in WeLogic server.

Creating a sample Data Source in WebLogic server.

1 .Log on to weblogic  admin colsole.
2 .Go to Servicesà Data Sources or in main page you can see the Data Source tab under services as shown below.

Click on NEW, select Generic Data Source out of 3 options .
Data Sources description:-
·         Generic Data Sources—Generic data sources and their connection pools provide connection management processes that help keep your system running efficiently.You can set options in the data source to suit your applications and your environment.
·         GridLink Data Sources—An event-based data source that adaptively responds to state changes in an Oracle RAC instance. See Using GridLink Data Sources.
·         Multi data sources—A multi data source is an abstraction around a group of generic data sources that provides load balancing or failover processing.

    Select Database Type is Oracle.

Don’t change anything let it use XA driver, If you need any other driver you can select as per your requirement unless use the default one.

Click Next
Enter DB connection properties

Click “Next” and Click “Test Configuration” you can see the test success result, then only the connection will take the action or else connection may not be created. Click “Next”.

Now a New JDBC data source will be created .Select a server (Admin Server).

Data Source creation done. You can see the data source in the list.

Now you have to create a connection factory for an outbound.
Go to Domain Structure à Deployments à Click on DB Adapter à Configuration à Outbound connection pools. Expand list.

Click “NEW” enter JNDI name that you have to create for outbound connection.
(Note:-Remember you should not use the same JNDI name while creating the data source. Use another JNDI name.
You have to use this JNDI name in DB Adapter configuration while design in JDeveloper.)

Finish. Then go to outbound connection pools that you have created recently .
Go to properties à Go to xADataSourceName  --property Value enter the JNDI name that you have given while creating the data source. Press Enter (Mandatory press enter save button will not work here).
(Note:-Here you have to enter only the JNDI name that you have given while creating the data source then only it will point to the data source.)

Go to deployments, select DB Adapter click on update.
Then the plan.xml file will be updated. Then you will the below success message.

Now you have created a data source successfully.

Remember  when you create a data source use one JNDI name ,this you have to enter in xADataSourceName ,When you are creating the outbound connection in deployments use another JNDI name , this you have to use this JNDI name in design time while DB Adapter configuration in JDeveloper.

Happy Learning.

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