Thursday, 21 November 2013

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Translation Error - Error while translating. Translation exception. Error occurred while translating content from file.

Recently we have faced a translation error in PRODUCTION as below.

"" Error while translating. Translation exception. Error occured while translating content from file /home/ftp/prod/in/invoices/Sample.xml Please make sure that the file content conforms to the schema. Make necessary changes to the file content or the schema. ""

All files are getting processed except this file. I have checked in all the ways , everything looks pretty well .
 I have tried multiple times pushing the same file in FTP location but the same error is repeating.

I have struggled 5 hours to find the Issue root cause - Finally I got it as the file Encoding Style is in UTF-8 not the ANSI as UTF-8.

The translation errors will come with the Encoding style fault.

Usually Oracle SOA Adapters supports only ANSI as UTF-8 formats .If the file coming with UTF-8 format it will not be processed by Composite as it can not translate to the native schema in the adapter .
While configuring the Adapters in Oracle SOA Suite by default it will take the ANSI format. So the incoming file format should be in ANSI as UTF-8 format .

To check the above case open the error file with Notepad++ and observed the below issue.

And the I opened the success file with Notepad++ i could see the difference in Encoding style  as shown below.

So Guys please be careful about the Encoding style in the files .It will make you MAD in some cases.

Happy Learning - Fun Sharing.


  1. You mean sample file has to be in ANSI instead of UTF-8?

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the details. If I do scp from a server to another path of a server then how this can be handled? Even from winscp also when I am placing file to a Unix server path iI am getting translation error where as my colleague are placing the same file via winscp and it is successful. How can I successfully place file through winscp and scp from a script so that it creates instance.
    The file format is fine ,as same file is being processed when my colleague is doing winsvp, but in my case winscp and scp from a script in server nothing is working.

    Thank you!!