Friday, 10 March 2017

What’s NEW in oracle SOA suite 12.2.1

New Certifications for supported platforms
Look & Feel of Enterprise Manager- It’s all new EM
JCA adapter for Siebel -  Explained in another blog post please Click here

Operational enhancements
            Resiliency: Circuit Breaker- More info Click here
            Integration Workload Statistics (IWS). Watch the IWS Video for more information.
            Composite Instance Patching - More info Click here
            In-Memory SOA - More info Click here
            Automatic Service Migration (ASM): a service fails over from an unavailable managed server to an already executing managed server.

End-to-End Native REST and JavaScript in SOA composites and Service Bus pipelines
            JavaScript activity in BPEL
            JavaScript action in Service Bus
            Handle/route any REST content type
            Access XML elements easily
            Native REST/JSON support for connecting JSON to JSON
            JavaScript used for expressions/conditions
            Converted, Typed and Un-typed REST Supported
            XSLT Debugger - More info Click here
            Conditional Breakpoints- More info Click here
            Exception Breakpoints
            New Oracle Standard Charts
            Custom Function Support for Alerts & KPIs
            SOA/BPM Process Analytics Dashboards v2
            Parameter Support in Custom Functions
            Performance Enhancements
Oracle Managed File Transfer - More info Click here
            New/improved endpoints for WebCenter, OPC Storage Cloud Service and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
            New APIs such as transfer creations, bulk resubmit, status, REST/SOAP run job events.
            Transfer Priorities
            Additional PGP encryption cipher options.
            Transfer life cycle management configuration plans.
Oracle B2B
            New features including PGP support, endpoint cloning and FIPS compliance.
            New T2P tools for automated cloning and promotion.
            A number of performance and resiliency improvements including features such as endpoint throttling.

Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration
            New features including support for PGP, performance and scale enhancements.
            Additional messaging patterns such as sync request-reply over MLLP.
            Custom acknowledgments for non HL7 messaging over MLLP.
            End point cloning.

            Several enhancements in the area of life cycle management such as start up, recovery, resubmit and retry.

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