Friday, 10 March 2017

Oracle SOA suite 12.2.1- Resiliency or Circuit Breaker

I feel its a great feature to add in Oracle SOA suite. Here it is..

Whenever your end system URL is not working you will not until you test that composite. If you know that by running the service while business is in critical. Resiliency feature will showcase what URL's are UP and how many or not actually down before running those composites meanwhile we can fix the issues and get the business up to speed.

Resiliency or Circuit Breaker enables you to configure the system to automatically suspend upstream endpoints when a downstream endpoint is down in a SOA composite. This prevents fault buildup in the server and relieves you from having to bulk-recover faulted instances. The upstream endpoints are automatically resumed after the downstream endpoint comes back.
Enable Resiliency (Circuit Breaker) globally by configuring it at the SOA Infrastructure level. Once enabled, all downstream endpoints are monitored in all composites. If a downstream endpoint experiences errors that exceed the threshold, specified by you in the Resiliency configuration settings, then the upstream endpoints for that downstream endpoint are automatically suspended. So, for example, if a Reference file adapter fails to write to the directory, the upstream web service can be automatically suspended. The system will periodically check if the downstream file adapter is back, and re-enable the web service when the adapter comes back.
The following types of upstream endpoints can be automatically suspended:
·         Web Service: Incoming requests are rejected for the duration that the Web service is suspended.
·         Adapters: JMS, AQ, DB, File and FTP adapters can be automatically suspended in this release.
·         EDN Subscribers: The EDN subscriber closest to the downstream endpoint gets suspended.
Viewing and Resuming Suspended Services
·         Services suspended as a result of Resiliency kicking in appear on the SOA Infrastructure Dashboard page, under the Resiliency — Suspended Services section.

The Resiliency settings take care of automatically resuming any suspended service when the downstream endpoint comes back up.

There are additional steps to configure the Resiliency in Oracle EM/Console in Oracle SOA suite 12.2.1

Please refer Oracle documentation for more information.

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