Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Oracle SOA Suite 12c features- Composites Lazy loading & Lazy Deployment

Intro: While I was working with the lower version of SOA suite every time the SOA server is taking much time to come up and the composites are very delay loading as all the artifacts will be loaded at
the server startup. To get rid of this Oracle has introduced the lazy loading feature in SOA 12C.

We can implement this in SOA two ways.
1. Through SOA code by adding the property in Composite.xml
2. SOA server level by making the property true in system MBean browser.

I believe this would be the needed feature in Oracle SOA as and when it requires the connection to artifacts then it will look out for those artifacts. This will definitely improve the EM performance and server steadiness. We can enable/disable this feature on the fly in EM, without redeploying the code. There is a feasibility to adding this feature in specific composites while development. With this feature enabling in EM, we don’t see any server delay startup issues and less downtime in the maintenance window.

Note: There will be another property as CompositeLazyDeployment this will be “false” by default. It would applicable/control the composite when it’s redeployed. By default, the lazy loading would be enabled for speedy server startups.

 Enable/Disable composite lazy loading in code.

  1. Open Composite.xml in SOA project

  2. Add the property lazyLoading=”false”  à to Disable “true” à To Enable this feature

Enable/Disable composite lazy loading in EM.

Lazy Loading property in runtime:

If you want to see the property workability you can test the composite first time it would take X amount of time when you retest this composite it should take 30 times lesser than first instance time. You can observe this by looking at the instance time taking or open the server logs and see the each instance time to complete.
By enabling this feature you would see the drastic change in server startup time and speed of the EM. But still, you observe the latency in a response of the composite it would depend on the composites running on the server and a huge number of composites deployed on the server without this lazy loading feature enabled.

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