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Oracle Fusion Middleware – SOA 12 c – At a glance

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Here you go the new exciting Oracle Fusion Middleware - SOA 12 c.

Oracle recently made its long awaited & long-anticipated version with more productivity, performance, sophisticated & easy-to-use version.

New Additions in SOA 12c

 Integration of OSB development
I am very happy to see that JDeveloper IDE is enough to develop both SOA & OSB.
In 12 C both SB and SCA development is done JDeveloper . For SB the analogy of SCA has been used by remaining a ‘Proxy’ to ‘Proxy Service’ (‘Exposed services ‘ in an SCA composite) and a ‘Business Service ’ to external references (same as in SCA composite) and visually show them as swim lanes in JDeveloper.

Anyways when you are developing  a pipeline, nothing has changed- same interface when you were developing OSB 11g. 

New Technology Adapters in SOA 12c.

1.     Cloud Integration -The major that happened in SOA 12c Cloud integration
2.     Mobile ennoblement– In support of REST & JSON.
3.     JD Edwards Integration.
4.     SAP Integration.
5.     Oracle Coherence Adapter – Definitely it will be a big add-on to SOA 12c and it allows seamless integration with local/remote coherence cache in support of different operations.
6.     Oracle Event Processing (OEP) -OEP provides an open architecture for sourcing, processing, and publishing complex events through the enterprise.
7.     MSMQ Adapter - MSMQ is the messaging middleware from Microsoft, running on the Windows operating system. This allows you to send And receive messages from private, public queues and Distributed Lists.
8.     LDAP Adapter- It provides bi-directional integration with several LDAP V3 directory servers and enables users to perform real-time query, CRUD, compare, search and also issue DSML requests to the server.
9.     UMS Adapter – It provides bidirectional support of email communication and extended to messaging channel such as SMS & IM.
10.  MFT Adapter – The key feature that added as an advantage like file exchanging & management to internal and external partners  but its altogether different product in Oracle Fusion Middleware 12 c (Additional licensing is required – Marketing tip J)
 Debugger Integration
  New debugger feature added in debug design time issues.

The exciting feature is here. Now you can run the services in Debug mode .You can now set breakpoints in Composite editor, BPEL processes and Service Bus Pipelines, which gives you the ability to stop at a break point, look at the data and step in, step out, etc, just as any ‘normal’ programming language in an IDE. In a BPEL process, you’re also able to change the value of a variable while debugging.
 Enterprise Manager Enhancements
1. One unified UI to see end to end composites and it has multiple domains like SOA Infra & Service Bus
2. Can optimize work managers
3. Error Hospital for Enterprise fault handling management.
4. Security management for EM console.
5. Modularity by SOA_foundation profile Profiles arranged in decreasing order footprint to reduce the overall footprint of the SOA infrastructure. Reduce overall class loading and overall startup time of the server 

·                     SOA CLASSIC ~ SOA Foundation with B2B + BPM Modules
·                     SOA FOUNDATION WITH HEALTHCARE ~ SOA Foundation with B2B + Healthcare UI
·                     SOA FOUNDATION WITH B2B ~ SOA Foundation Enterprise + B2B
·                     SOA FOUNDATION ENTERPRISE ~ SOA Foundation + Full Adapter Set
·                     SOA FOUNDATION ~ Orchestration + Mediator + Rules + Partial Adapter set
·                     ORCHESTRATION ~ BPEL-Only + HWF + Partial Adapter set
·                     BPEL-ONLY  ~ BPEL Components + SOA Common Infrastructure + Partial Adapter set
 Monitoring & Diagnostics
Oracle Enterprise Monitor is improved in 12 c a lot, now it provides diagnosability reporting for all adapter binding components for SOA applications. This will provide real-time visibility into availability and message exchange statistics with all adapters. 
Management Improvements
A very new excited features added as part of this release – This time oracle made easy our operations and management in OEM.
SOA dashboard changes below.

Here are the some new Key configuration, SOA Runtime Health and System Backlogs, Business Transaction Faults, Search, Fault Alerts.
Performance Improvement
Composite Lazy Loading 
 Lazy loading is a staggered loading of a composite artifacts which spreads out bootstrap cost.
This approach delays the loading of some resources (Schemas, WSDL, XSLTs, etc) till it receives its first time request. With this the initial time for server startup is improved and the cost across for individual composites is spread out based on their demand. It reduces overhead from composites which are rarely used and retired composites.

There are 4 stages in loading artifacts.
1.       Creation on in-memory java models
2.       Creating Mbeans
3.       Loading the various components in the composite
4.       Loading the resources used by the composites such as schemas & WSDLs

The first two stages are performed at server startup, which is more of loading the metadata that would be needed. When a particular composite receives a request, then it performs the next two stages, that is composite starts initializing and loading its resources and initiates and doing the same for dependent composites.

Here you go for path of CompositeLazyLaoding in EM à Right click on soa_infra –System MBean Browser – SoaInfraConfig – soa-infraattributes.


 1. MDS extended to OSB but the limitation is you can retrieve the artifacts from MDS but you can’t publish them to MDS. (Off course we have alternate procedure).  
 2. MQ adapter to integrate with IBM Websphere MQ .
 3. SOA 12c now supports XQuery & XSLT for BPEL – never before.
 4. Fault Policy Editor GUI added as an advantage to develop enterprise fault handling framework.
 5. ESS Enterprise Scheduler Service( Scheduled Activation and Deactivation) – This is very useful addition in SOA 12 c it supports new Enterprise Scheduler service to be restricted the services to certain timings in a day.
 6. Cross platform support – All adapters will be supported within SOA  Suite, Service bus, BPM projects.

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