Friday, 1 August 2014

Undeploy Composite Manually from Oracle SOA Suite EM

Hi Folks,

If you find any difficulty while deploying / undeploying / redeploying and your EM is not supporting to do the specific tasks you just need to undeploy the composites manually.

This is due to many reasons not only composite not deployed properly / DB reference issue/ MDS issue.

Step 1: Log on to EM right click on SOA_INFRA --> Adminstration-->MDS configuration.
Step 2: Export metada.
Step 3: file will be downloaded. Unzip the folder you will find the folder called deployed-composites and under this deployed-composites.xml.
Step 4: Open the .xml file and remove the entry of which composite / partition is having issue.

ZIP it again and import the MDS from EM.

You just need to restart the server then you can see the particular partition / composite would be undeployed.

If you still find any difficulty in deploying the same composite then you need to remove the entry in MDS as well . To delete the entry in MDS you follow my previous post. Click Here

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