Monday, 6 January 2014

How to "Turn Off EDN" & "Turn On EDN" if its not using in a SOA deployment

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Now we gonna learn how to turn off/on EDN in SOA Environment.

1.Open the EM console.
2.Navigate to System MBean Browser-> MBeam Application-> Application Defined MBeans -> -> SOA Server-> EDN Config ->edn

and set the paused attribute to "True".
If true, EDN listener/poller threads are decreased to 0 which effectively stops delivering events.
Works for EDN-DB and EDN-JMS.
If you would like to do this through WLST the commands are listed below.
WLST command to enable/disable EDN event delivery.

(start WLST script, for example, $MW_HOMES/AS11gR1SOA/common/bin/

1.connect ('<user>','<password>','t3://<soa server>:<port>')

In Step 4, change it to set('Paused',0) would resume EDN event delivery.
This does not require a restart of the Managed Server to take effect.

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